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Most Popular Policies of Tata AIG General Insurance

  • Tata AIG Car Insurance Plan
    This comprehensive motor insurance plan provides policyholders' vehicles with total protection from own damage and third party liability.
    Key features of car insurance plan
    • Availability of unique add-on cover
    • Road Side Assistance is available
    • cashless claims available in network garages
    • Salvage deduction is not applicable
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  • Tata AIG MediPrime Plan
    This health plan not only provides complete protection but also comes with many beneficial features.
    Key features of MediPrime Plan
    • Lifetime renewal option available
    • No sub limit applicable
    • Co-pay is not applicable
    • Premium loading is not applicable
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  • Tata AIG Travel Guard Plan
    This international travel policy offers coverage against all types of mishaps during policyholders trip to abroad.
    Key features of Travel Guard Plan
    • Lifetime renewability
    • Availability of options in single trip and multi-trip plan
    • Coverage available for repatriation across the Globe and medical evacuation
    • Enhancement of sum insured amount
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  • Tata AIG Wellsurance Family Plan
    This family health insurance plan offers fixed benefits to every covered member of the family.
    Key features of Wellsurance Family Plan
    • Lifetime renewal option available
    • Free helpline for health related information
    • Health & Wellness program
    • Free e-newsletter and health query
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Tata AIG Wellsurance Family

Among all the other companies in the market today, the TATA AIG Wellsurance offers health insurance benefits starting from hospitalization charges to children’s education benefits in case of accidental death or permanent total disablement of the benefactor sole earning member of the family.

The policy is covered in three ways:-


The benefits given by the policy are:-

BENEFITS CLASSIC in Rupees SUPREME in Rupees ELITE in Rupees
Critical Illness which is diagnosed 2,00,000 3,00,000 4,00,000
Cash incurred in the hospital (per day) 2,000 3,000 4,000
The charges for ambulance 2,000 2,000 2,000
15 days per policy year ICU expenses (per day) 3,000 4,500 6,000
Benefits related to education 50,000 1,00,000 2,00,000
Post hospitalization benefits 1,500 2,500 4,000

You can know more about the policy from:-

On a comparison with other policies providing the same or similar features and benefits, you will see that the TATA AIG Wellsurance Family policy is one of its kinds. If the features and benefits urge you to buy the policy, then click on the link below. The link has all the details necessary for the policy and you will be able to know it all. Credit cards and Debit card buying is also a facility of the policy.

Some of the key features of the policy are:-

All expenses that are incurred during hospitalization are covered by the policy. The benefit amount for critical illnesses like cancer, first heart attack, coma, kidney failure etc are borne by the company according to the policy documents. The ICU benefits upto 15 days per years given by the company whereas the hospital cash is given for 90 days. There is a post hospitalization benefit given to the benefactor for 5 continuous days after the discharge. The education costs of the dependent children are borne by the company if there is a case of accidental death or permanent total disability of the benefactor who is the sole earning member of the family.

The additional features of the policy include:-

? There are discount at select gyms, skin care and weight management centers and spas according to the policy.

? Dependent children over 6 months are covered under the policy.

? The ambulance charges are paid as a lump sum amount during the hospitalization of the benefactor.

? There is a facility of higher hospital cash given for ICU and ICCU admissions.

? The policy terms say that there is no waiting period for accident related hospitalization in the first 90 day from the commencement of the policy.

Some of the exclusions to the policy are:-

  1. Excluded from the coverage of the policy are the first 90 days from the commencement of the policy and any kind of sickness and hospitalization that it has in store.
  2. Any kind of critical illness benefit is only paid once during the whole tenure of the policy.
  3. Illnesses such as spondylitis, congenital diseases or diseases from the birth are a few illnesses that are not covered under the policy.
  4. Any kind of overdose of alcohol and related issues are also not treated under the policy.
  5. The company also has a feature of payment of only one amount of claim if there is more than one policy taken from TATA AIG. The highest benefit amount is paid by the company.
  6. Any kind of pre existing diseases are excluded from the coverage of the policy.

The eligibility criteria of the policy are:-

Policy Term in years 1 1
Entry Age in Years 18 65

The features and benefits given in the policy are such that they are not much available with other policies. If you and to use their facilities to the fullest then click on the link below. It will give you more details regarding the policy which you can read and understand to buy the policy. If there is a problem while reading, you can easily opt for the ball back option that is available with the site that will give you the facility of an agent of the company calling you back on the given number to give you all the details you need of the policy.

Other companies providing similar policies are:-

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