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Get the Best Health Insurance Plan Online in India





Most Popular Policies of Tata AIG General Insurance

  • Tata AIG Car Insurance Plan
    This comprehensive motor insurance plan provides policyholders' vehicles with total protection from own damage and third party liability.
    Key features of car insurance plan
    • Availability of unique add-on cover
    • Road Side Assistance is available
    • cashless claims available in network garages
    • Salvage deduction is not applicable
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  • Tata AIG MediPrime Plan
    This health plan not only provides complete protection but also comes with many beneficial features.
    Key features of MediPrime Plan
    • Lifetime renewal option available
    • No sub limit applicable
    • Co-pay is not applicable
    • Premium loading is not applicable
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  • Tata AIG Travel Guard Plan
    This international travel policy offers coverage against all types of mishaps during policyholders trip to abroad.
    Key features of Travel Guard Plan
    • Lifetime renewability
    • Availability of options in single trip and multi-trip plan
    • Coverage available for repatriation across the Globe and medical evacuation
    • Enhancement of sum insured amount
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  • Tata AIG Wellsurance Family Plan
    This family health insurance plan offers fixed benefits to every covered member of the family.
    Key features of Wellsurance Family Plan
    • Lifetime renewal option available
    • Free helpline for health related information
    • Health & Wellness program
    • Free e-newsletter and health query
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Tata AIG Student Guard Plus

The TATA AIG Student Guard Plus policy is made by keeping in mind that the benefactor is to go to a foreign land to pursue higher studies. This policy gives in 15 days free look period and a 30 days grace period along with the policy too. Any kind of changes that are to be made to the policy will be informed to the benefactor around 3 months in advance.

It is widely covered in two plan options-


There are certain benefits given by the policy:-

Pre-departure services are given utmost importance. There is a benefit given on the lost luggage or loss of passport.
Every kind of general assistance is to be benefitted by the benefactor. Emergency travel agency is provided to the benefactors.
The benefactor is also given the option of emergency cash transfers and advances. There is a 24 hour legal assistance given to the benefactors of the policy.

You can buy the policy online now:-

You can buy the policy online by clicking on the link given below. The link below will take you to an online form which you have to fill up with all the details related to the journey that the benefactor is to make and then within just a few days you will have the policy documents at your doorstep. If you want, then you can also opt for the ‘call back’ option given on the site which will allow an executive of the company to give you a call back on the numbers provided by you and then you will be able to know all the details regarding the policy and much more about the company. Click on the link below to buy the policy online.

The key features to the policy are:-

According to the policy documents, the policy gives reimbursement of the tuition fees if the benefactor has suffered any kind of terminal illness, death of immediate family member or if the benefactor is hospitalized for more than one month. In case of the death or the permanent total disablement of the sponsor of the benefactor then the company is liable to sponsor the education to the specified maximum limit given according to the policy documents. There is also a feature of compassionate visit two ways for 7 consecutive days. The TATA AIG Student guard policy gives the benefits in case of personal accident and cancer screening.

The coverage of the policy includes:-


The exemptions to the policy include:-

? Any kind of pre-existing conditions or any kind of complications arising due to it is excluded from the coverage of the policy.

? HIV AIDS and related diseases are not included in the policy.

? Any kind of suicide or attempt to suicide, along with self-inflicted inflicted to the body irrespective of the benefactor being sane or insane is exempted from the coverage of the policy.

? If the benefactor is under the influence of drugs or any kind of intoxicants and he or she suffers any kind of injury in that state then the policy will not cover it.

? If the benefactor suffers any kind of injury due to self exposure to needless peril.

? Any kind of maternity and pregnancy related issues are also exempted from the coverage of the policy.

You are eligible for the policy if:-

The eligibility criterion of the policy revolves around any individual who is within 16 years (in the minimum) and 35 years (in the maximum) of age. The individual should also be enrolled into and attending a full time registered educational institution of higher learning which should be situated outside the Republic of India. For the period of which the policy is there, there is only one to be insured person covered under it.

If the features and the benefits given to you by the policy entice you enough to buy the policies then what are you waiting for? This policy can be bought online with the help of credit cards and debit cards. Net banking is also available with the site. You can buy the policy by clicking on the link below. The link will take you to a form which you have to fill up in order to buy the policy. The form will have all the details that are needed for you to get the policy. For now, all you got to do is click on the link given below.