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Most Popular Policies of Tata AIG General Insurance

  • Tata AIG Car Insurance Plan
    This comprehensive motor insurance plan provides policyholders' vehicles with total protection from own damage and third party liability.
    Key features of car insurance plan
    • Availability of unique add-on cover
    • Road Side Assistance is available
    • cashless claims available in network garages
    • Salvage deduction is not applicable
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  • Tata AIG MediPrime Plan
    This health plan not only provides complete protection but also comes with many beneficial features.
    Key features of MediPrime Plan
    • Lifetime renewal option available
    • No sub limit applicable
    • Co-pay is not applicable
    • Premium loading is not applicable
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  • Tata AIG Travel Guard Plan
    This international travel policy offers coverage against all types of mishaps during policyholders trip to abroad.
    Key features of Travel Guard Plan
    • Lifetime renewability
    • Availability of options in single trip and multi-trip plan
    • Coverage available for repatriation across the Globe and medical evacuation
    • Enhancement of sum insured amount
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  • Tata AIG Wellsurance Family Plan
    This family health insurance plan offers fixed benefits to every covered member of the family.
    Key features of Wellsurance Family Plan
    • Lifetime renewal option available
    • Free helpline for health related information
    • Health & Wellness program
    • Free e-newsletter and health query
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Tata AIG Travel Guard

In case there is a travel emergency for a person and they want to opt for a simple yet effective insurance Mediclaim policy for themselves before going out to insure themselves, then the best policy one can choose for is the TATA AIG Travel Guard policy.

As a way of working, the TATA AIG Travel Guard policy is valid for 24 hours of the day and 365 days of the single year. The policy is flexible in nature and there are three plans available under the policy which includes Silver, Gold and Platinum plans. There is a facility given by the policy which says that there is no medical certification needed for the benefactor for the policy irrespective of the age of the benefactor. There is a 15 days free look up period in the beginning of the policy and a 30 days grace period for the renewal of the policy.

The benefits given by the policy include:-

? Baggage delay is covered under the policy.

? Any kind of loss of checked baggage is covered under the policy.

? The loss of passport is given by the policy.

? Any kind of coverage related to the medical expenses of the benefactor is given by the policy.

? The injuries or any kind of accident suffered to the benefactor because of the hijacking of the plane is paid as a distress allowance to the benefactor’s family.

? There is a facility of an automatic extension of the policy given to the benefactor/

? There is also a sickness dental relief given to the benefactor.

There are more benefits given by the company:-

Pre-departure services Embassy referral services Claims procedures information services
Loss of luggage or any kind of lost passport is covered Any kind of general assistance is given by the company Emergency Travel Agency
Emergency cash transfer and advances Legal assistance is also given by the company

You can get the quotes online from the link given below:-

If the features and benefits given by the policy entice you enough to buy the policy, then what are you waiting for? Get the policy and get your travel plans ready. The link below has all the details you need to buy the policy, including the quotations regarding the policy. You can also go for the option of call back which will give the executives of the company an option of calling you back and then you can ask them about all the nitty gritty of the policy. Following which, you can buy the policy and then within a few days, it will be there in your doorstep.

The key features of the policy include:-


The coverage of the policy includes:-

This policy covers any kind of Indian resident who should be between the age group of 6 months and 70 years and who wants to travel abroad because of business or leisure. This policy is available in two types-

  • Including America Policy which belongs to the policy taken for North or South America including Canada tour.
  • Excluding America Policy which belongs to the policy taken for the rest of the world excluding North America, South America and Canada.

The exclusions to the policy include:-

The benefactor cannot be covered under the policy if there are any expenses that are incurred directly or indirectly with the respect of travelling against the advice of the physician. The policy also doesn’t cover the expenses related to pre-existing ailments and any kind of complications arising from it. Any kind of injury suffered to the benefactor due to war, invasion by foreign army, terrorism, illegal acts are not covered by the policy. If the benefactor has attempted a suicide or there is a death on will (suicide) in general, then there will be no coverage by the policy.

If you are keen on going abroad and you want to get the TATA AIG Travel Guard policy, then click on the link below. The link has all the details that you need to buy a policy. The link has the quotes and details necessary for the benefactor to know when he or she is going to buy a policy. If you want, you can also call the people at the company with the toll free number given in the link below, following which you will be able to know all that you need to for buying the policy. For now, you just have to click on the link below.